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Established in 1996, APEX is locally owned and operated by principals Scott and Vicki Farnes.

Home Inspectors:
APEX has five licensed (Oregon certified) home inspectors.  Our inspectors, all very knowledgeable and experienced in home inspections, are:

Scott Farnes, OCHI #092 (with APEX since 1996)
Don Bain, OCHI #1707 (joined APEX since 2014)
Rocky Hulbrock, OCHI #410 (joined APEX in 2000)
Chris Nelson, OCHI #1658 (joined APEX in 2014)
Bobbie Schrag, OCHI #1624 (joined APEX in 2012)

In addition, our inspectors are licensed by the state of Oregon to perform structural Pest and Dry Rot Inspections.

Sewer Scope Technicians:
Josh Keyser
(joined APEX in 2011)

Steve Bailey (joined APEX in 2015)

Radon Testing:
Jenny MacClanathan (joined APEX in 2013)
Jennifer Polzel (joined APEX in 2013)

Office Staff:
Suzy Hansen (joined APEX in 2004)
Kim Walton (joined APEX in 2012)

Customer Service and Business Hours:
APEX is committed to providing excellent customer service that is responsive, friendly and professional.  Our office hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm (Monday through Friday), and we are available six days a week to perform inspections (Monday through Saturday).  We understand that time is of the essence in scheduling a home inspection. With five inspectors available, a quick turnaround time can usually occur in scheduling appointments.

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